Personal Training

Personal training through Royal Barbell & Fitness offers you your best opportunity to achieve the health and fitness goals that matter most to you. All of our coaches have the highest levels of certification in personal training and are extremely knowledgeable in barbell mechanics.

All Personal Training options include:

  • private & individualized programming based on need and goals
  • unlimited access to commercial fitness areas including free weights, cable machines, squat racks, dumbbells, power lifting areas, strong man equipment, and cardio area
  • locker room & shower access
  • 50% discount on tanning (unlimited tanning included with Gold Package)

Contact us
(417) 315-8034

1 day / week

$235per month*
$235per month*

2 days / week

$335per month*
$335per month*

3 days / week

$435per month*
$435per month*
    Get optimal results

4-5 days / week

$699per month*
$699per month*
    Includes unlimited tanning

* Plus sales tax on all memberships.

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