Royal Barbell Bootcamps provide personalized attention in small group training sessions that lead to fat loss, conditioning, and muscle toning.

Bootcamp classes are three days per week and are a great starting point for beginners. Call us now at (417) 315-8034 to get the current class schedules.

All Bootcamp memberships include:

  • personalized training
  • full commercial gym membership
  • locker room & shower access
  • 50% discount on tanning

Contact us
(417) 315-8034


$95per month*
$95per month*


$139per month*
$139per month*
  • Up to 2 people


$189per month*
$189per month*
  • Up to 3 people (immediate family)

Student / Military

$85per month*
$85per month*
  • Requires valid ID

* Plus sales tax on all memberships.

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